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According to a recent report from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), builders anticipate that green homes will make up over half of their business in the next five years. Green building is no longer a niche business – energy-efficiency and healthy living environments are widely in demand. The value of using sustainable elements and earth-friendly materials in construction is becoming a recognized necessity in the building and development community.

The report also shows that net zero or zero energy home popularity is on the rise. A zero energy home is built to be highly energy efficient and generates on-site renewable energy to meet heating, cooling, and energy needs. Over a quarter of builders report they have built at least one net-zero home in the last two years.

Zero-energy construction is thriving in specific states and regions due to local policies, mandates, and codes – mainly on the East and West Coasts. Not only are zero-energy built as efficiently as possible, they also have zero energy costs aside from a monthly fee to connect to the grid. Plus zero carbon emissions. These homes look like any other home on the outside but their exterior walls tend to be thicker than in a traditional home. The heating and cooling is extremely efficient and provides the same level of comfort as any typical system in a home today.

Main reasons builders report for building green:

  • Appraisers recognizing greater value in green homes
  • Customer demand
  • Greater availability and affordability of green products

Report from NAHB.