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In 2019, your website is essentially your storefront. In fact last year, an estimated 1.8 billion people around the world purchase goods online. During that same time, global e-retail sales hit $2.8 trillion and are projected to rise up to 4.8 trillion by 2021. Suffice it to say, having an visually appealing and easy-to-navigate website is key to building a successful business in 2019. Whether you’re starting from scratch or bringing an existing website up to date, here are four steps to a memorable user experience.

Information layout

What are people looking for when they come to your site? Is it a list of products to purchase, a summary of what you do, contact information? Walk through a potential client lifecycle to effectively plan out the layout of your pages and information. What you want to avoid is a high bounce rate on your home or landing pages – this can mean your layout is disorganized or overwhelming, leading potential customers to abandon ship and navigate to one of your easier-to-navigate competitor’s sites.  Sitting down with a web design professional and fleshing out exactly what kind of information and where it should go is essential for an effective and value-producing site.

Search engine marketing

Whether you’re restructuring or building from the ground up, making sure you have a concise keyword strategy is essential for both your website and your ongoing content marketing strategy. Compile a strategic list of words and phrases associated with your business – what are customers searching to find you? What language do you want to be associate with? The more streamlined your keyword strategy, the better the framework for search-engine-optimization and the more effective your subsequent content strategy can be.


With over than half of the internet shopping on their mobile device, it is now crucial to make sure your website is configured properly for mobile viewing and shopping. .If you are working with a web design professional, make sure to request a mobile-friendly site. This will also require another conversation about what kind of information to include and where, as mobile screens are smaller it’s all about optimizing necessary information and streamlining the buying process. Don’t skip this step though! It could potentially cost you around half of your online sales revenue.

Clean design and striking imagery

Humans are visual, we love to see things especially when we can’t pick them up and hold them like we can in stores. Make sure that whatever your products and services are highlighted effectively through high-quality photos and a clean layout. It’s also essential to keep your website design in line with your branding and voice for cohesive digital communication.  Make sure the design you choose allows whatever product or service are showcasing to shine through. You don’t want to have too much going on. Conversely, if your site is too plain and doesn’t feature high-resolution photos, you lose your chance to make a good first impression. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for people to associate a bad quality website with bad quality products. So get started on your new site today!